The One and Only 109CINEMAS PREMIUM Experience

109CINEMAS PREMIUM offers new values in all aspects of the viewing experience, including the lobby space
where you can spend time before the viewing, the acoustic environment and the special seating inside the cinema.
The new logo features a line extending from left to right in the motif of a screen or a stage. It expresses the desire to
bring great excitement for people of all ages with our high-spec, high-quality viewing experience.


The color of the logo reflects the wish that the experience gained in this cinema will transcend time and remain in your memory without fading.

A comment from Ryuichi Sakamoto

”Reminiscences of Movie Theaters, SHINJUKU MILANO-ZA, and Shinjuku”

“I went to high school in Shinjuku during the late sixties. As of my first days at the school, I began visiting every spot in Shinjuku, driven as I was by great curiosity. In my first April, essentially my first month at the school and the first month of the school year, I visited several jazz cafes in Shinjuku. I’d even singled out several favorites, which I immediately began going to on a regular basis while still dressed in my high school cap and uniform. I then began checking out the movie theaters in Shinjuku and looking for patterns in what they played. It was my high school years when I watched that many movies in my life. “What I learned in Shinjuku fundamentally changed me. The end of the sixties was a period of monumental shifts in music, theater, cinema, literature, academia, and more, and Shinjuku was at the center of it all in Japan.”

"Reasons for Participating in This Project”

“A friend of mine runs a company that supplies audio systems, one that I personally trust, and he asked me to join this project. I felt that, with them, it would be possible to create a movie theater that offers really high-quality sound. Consequently, I decided to participate as a supervisor. Moreover, I found myself sharing 109CINEMAS’ vision. After all, 109CINEMAS chose individuals whom I know are committed to producing acoustics of the highest level. With this sound system, speakers are set up behind the screen, yet we’ve set out to engineer “crystal-clear sound” that seemingly makes the screen disappear through the use of a high-performance audio system and advanced tuning technology. While we were naturally particular about the speakers, we were also particular about the audio cables, the amp, and other details. I take pride in the fact that we’ve been able to make a movie theater that offers the finest in sound.”

"Thoughts on Movie Culture and Film Projectors”

“I made a proposal when we were throwing ideas around with the people of 109CINEMAS. I said, ‘With almost no movie theaters still capable of screening films in Japan, now of all times is when I’d like to see the creation of movie theaters capable of screening films.’ To their credit, the 109CINEMAS team took my proposal seriously and immediately procured a 35-mm projector.
This theater complex has a theater that’s capable of screening films, which is essential for continuing the culture of movies on film. It’s a theater that was made by people who exude genuine love of movies.”

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Born in 1952 in Tokyo, Ryuichi Sakamoto debuted as a solo artist in 1978 with the release of The Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto. He co-founded Yellow Magic Orchestra the same year and has remained active on multiple fronts after branching out from the group. His score for the movie Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence won a BAFTA Award for Best Film Music, while his score for The Last Emperor won an Academy Award for Best Original Score, a Grammy Award, and other accolades. His desire to constantly explore innovative sounds and music has earned him worldwide acclaim. Mr. Sakamoto frequently shares his concern for environmental issues and his interest in peace initiatives. He established “More Trees,” an organization dedicated to the preservation of woodlands. He also aids the victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami through musical initiatives, such as the creation of the Tohoku Youth Orchestra. His major film scores include The Sheltering Sky (1990), High Heels (1990), The Little Buddha (1993), Femme Fatale (2002), Tony Takitani (2005), Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011), The Revenant (2015), Rage (2016), The Fortress (2017), Your Face (2018), and Minamata (2020).