"Ryuichi Sakamoto Premium Collection" will be held again from March 8 (Fri).

Following the success of last year's event, "Ryuichi Sakamoto Premium Collection," a screening of Ryuichi Sakamoto's related works, will be held again this year.

Continuing from last year's lineup, this year's event will feature new and old films for which Mr. Sakamoto has composed music, his own documentary films, and films that he wanted to see "only because of" 109CINEMAS PREMIUM Shinjuku, which he wrote down as "things I want to see" while composing the music for 109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku.
In addition to these films, we will be showing his live performances of "Trio Tour 2012 Japan," "Playing the Orchestra 2014" and "GLENN GOULD GATHERING" in addition.

Please enjoy the best movie music with "SAION -SR EDITION-," a theater sound system consulted by Mr. Sakamoto, which pursues an even more super-real sound.

【Screening Period】
March 8 (Fri) - June 27, 2024


"monster" March 8 (Fri) - March 21 (Thu)
"Ryuichi Sakamoto: async Live at the Park Avenue Armony" March 22nd (Fri) - April 4 (Thu)
"Rage" April 5 (Fri) - April 18 (Thu)
"Trio Tour 2012 Japan" April 6 (Sat) ※1 day limited
"Playing the Orchestra 2014" April 13 (Sat) ※1 day limited
"The Last Emperor [4K Remasterd Ver.]" April 19 (Fri) - May 2 (Thu)
"GLENN GOULD GATHERING" April 20 (Sat.) ※1 day limited
"Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" ※35mm film,4K May 3 (Fri/holiday) - May 16 (Thu)
"Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA" May 17 (Fri) - May 30 (Thu)
"Yi Yi: A One and a Two" ※35mm film May 31 (Fri) - June 13 (Thu)
"Nostalgia [4K Repair Version]" June 14 (Fri) - June 27 (Thu)

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For screening times and frequency, please check the screening schedule.

We look forward to seeing you there!